Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last term

Its the last term at ISB. Its going to start tomorrow. Its amazing how fast time seemed to pass. Its amazing.

What we are now going to do is something more than a quintessential "ISB-ian in the last term" drama. In fact we will not take the "... and we had some funny moments in term 3.." or "...darn best party on earth..." route. No.. I mean, sure, everyone knows that and wants to write about it, but we wont. Lets break the rut. Lets get to the basic facts and talk about hard truth.

Term 8 starts tomorrow, and someone just reminded me of reading 6 "things". I will tell you that most opinions will be "yeah, as if I care"... or some sort. And that is the truth. Apparently in some *well known institutes of management* people actually bunk the ENTIRE last sems. That is the hard fact. And the fact is, all that I wanted from a PGPM (c'mon all you Indian folks, it really ain't an MBA, please realize that!!) has been achieved!! It has been, seriously... See people all around you, are they all worried about pre-reads?? Heck no!! I have watched enough movies, had enough booze, had enough lunch and dinner outside, heck I even baby-sat my friends kiddo!! Beat that...! That my friend is reality staring right at our eyes. That we have got the job and to hell with whatever comes tomorrow...

If you think is evil, that one should not think like this, I say... ok I cannot say it in this blog, but in a privy discussion over a couple of beers, I can articulate my thoughts in pretty much 2 words...

I think all I am worried about right now is after a couple of months, how will I survive without someone knocking on my door in the morning calling "HOUSEKEEPING"....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Contd from last time...

And I sat there in the corner of the room, and then the same flash again.. And I was dead sure this was going to be my day..

I am surely not the types who can spend a lot of time thinking about the Deja-Vu but when they happen it sure scares me like hell. The number was 2 this time and that too in a very short time as against the last one that probably happened years ago.

Again if anyone reading this has got such things happen to them, feel free to comment

---------------------- XX ----------------------

Some people leave an indelible mark on you, and sometimes it becomes too difficult to forget things. Especially when people choose just the right day to dig the graves. I was reading this blog and found myself in the same stage... looking at an old dead memory which comes to haunt me time and again... And then, however I hate to do that, I relive every moment again... again ... and again... The fault is not with the other party... Its me who just can't stop staring at the abyss..

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Current Melody

"Ae Hairath-e-aashiqui jaga matt,
Pairon se zameen zameen laga matt"


Monday, February 12, 2007

.. and it happened again

I am not sure how many people have this but it sure is scary as hell. After what happened today, I would rather fall sleep deeper than usual...