Sunday, April 15, 2007

EOI (End of ISB)

I will stop this chapter now. While sad that I am, life moves on, and so do we.

My original blog goes :

will be regular there from now on.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

2nd blog in a row...

Second blog in a row. Still recovering from the mild surprise that I can still access net..

Reservations became another burning topic, and so some political parties found a reason to be destructive. Sanity prevailed in the Supreme court which has caused shocks within every political party. This is one topic that binds every party irrespective of their manifestos and perceptions. Not that I care, but what a reason! Therefore any person, affected or not by the reservations, should just be careful that ultimately the effect of reservation is not important to these "representatives of people". Its just a topic like Ayodhya, that these people love to dig from grave and use to exploit people's sentiments.

If it were in my hand, I would have made all these political parties pay for the damages they do. After all if you can make Unions of WB do it, you can potentially make even President of India do it. Its another matter that he will not do such attrocious thing in the first place.



I have borrowed this from a fellow blogger. Since I don't remember the source now and afraid of plagiarism, I will sit mum with the first line. So the quote goes ...

" Its not the end. Its not even the beginning of the end. Its the end of the beginning" ..

As I end ISB, these lines come to my mind... :)