Sunday, March 18, 2007

Indian Cricket team

This will not be a rational debate on what is going wrong with Indian cricket team. This will be just an outburst.

We Indians have traditionally been fooled by a lot of people, Brits, Moghuls included. So why not people who already are Indians and know the kind of passion Indians have for cricket? Yes, you guessed it, the Indian cricket team is keeping all of us in a matrix. They show us the carrot and themselves eat Chicken Tandoori.

I am not proposing a conspiracy theory, but look at the facts -
1. Indian team does not have performance based incentive.
2. If they win, Pepsi comes up with an ad. If they lose, Pepsi comes up with an ad. Who is benefited?
3. In spite of non-performance on field (statistically proven) Sachin still manages to get endorsement contracts. Talk about perceptions!
4. Any MNC coming in exploits this!

Bottomline: We are a great nation, with foolish ideals!


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