Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's important?

What is "ultimately" important in life - to be happy or to be "happy" knowing that happiness is just a nerve tingling a certain part of the brain?

In simple words, as GT would fondly like to put it, to be a part of this web that entangles you into sensual delicacies or to be a master of your mind and beat this matrix?

So Where do we go?
That is the choice we make, and that is what separates the chaff from the grain. At one time or the other, the truth stares right at our face, and the truth is, the more dependent we become on these outside attractions for our "happiness", the more hopelessly we lose the internal motivation to live. The earlier this truth dawns, that our happiness lies within us, and it does not depend on anything other than us, the happier we are for the rest of our lives.

That was simple? Or was it?
There is always a danger though, and that is the one of being outside the "system". On that front, only one rule applies - Beat the system. If you cannot, the system has a self-correction mechanism and it can get you back or worse, terminated.

Beating the system
Beating the system is not that easy. First of all, a lot of us would find it difficult to be honest to themselves. Because that's almost necessary, so the disclaimer. But once you are honest to yourself about what you are, your abilities and inabilities, vice, virtues etc, making choices is a simpler process. Once that is achieved, the choices come by themselves and it almost becomes intuitive.
This entire process shapes up the Dharma, your nature. Once your nature is known to you, you realize that other people's nature actually is your nature given their circumstances. This realization leads to empathy.

to be contd...



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