Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sab bolo sare bolo sare bolo rangaa...

There were 2 critical events in the life of a typical moti-ke-lal (**technocrats** from MNREC aka MNNIT aka NIT Allahabad aka my alma mater). One Techno and Two Culrav. If you missed any of these, you either were not supposed to be a part of any discussion, or be ready to given a title that would give you pain worse than damnation in hell for eternity - MAGGU.

Techno fever started in Jan as soon as the even sem started. A good analogy can be European League Soccer. Two kinds of people competed in this, one who were sure they could reach the semi-finals and ones who played for fun. (now whether the latter category used this as excuse is anyone's guess, but hey, no offence meant). Hostels used to be resonating with names like "BT (Basanti Tangewali)", "MPJ (Maaro Peeto Jeeto)" etc. I dont remember the genesis of Techno, but I dont like history anyway, and it was much more fun to watch it than remember the great heroes who sacrificed their engineering lives to make this a success. Anyway, the clashes used to start in the evening, at arnd 6. Junta returning after a light snack from numerous tapris would gather around the good stuff. Hooting used to begin shortly, and so did the competition. Umpires were revered, heroes were built and a plethora of emotions used to churn out in just an hour of the play. No one knows when the excitement used to kick in, when the sem started, when the planning began at the end of odd term, or when the teams were getting formed, but when those floodlights in the BBC (BasketBall court, hehe) used to light, all that mattered was victory. Eliminations and then the rounds - quarter, semi and then the day of Finals. Entire, and I mean all the 1200 ppl of the college used to be there or at least it used to feel that way. That day, Ladies and Gentlemen, the real guts used to be spilt on that court. You have heard of nail biting finishes but nothing, believe me nothing matches the excitement that Techno trophy final would bring.

As if that was not enough, within a week another big bang used to bombard the campus. Yes, Culrav. The event when everyone used to love late nights for some event or the other. The time when you were officially allowed to flirt with the girl you liked (of course, with permissions from seniors). The time when, under the name of sponsorship, you could eat drink and make merry for rest of the semester. (Ok Arts commitee, I am not leaking any extra info). And when the day 1 of Culrav hit, it was like a fever. Formals, Informals, Request stall, Disc, Controls, skating rink, BBC, MP hall everything used to come alive with colors. And so did our lives! For a brief time we were in different world. You were allowed to tie a bandana that showed "Pepsi Culrav 1998" in front of Profs strolling. You were allowed to take a small peg of whiskey hidden on tennis courts so that you can come back quickly to the informals for a dance. And you were definitely allowed to listen to or give gyaan to anyone in a totally inebriated stage about life..

"Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end"



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