Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's important? - 2


Empathy is essential to understand the underlying emotions of any human being. In the world where there are people with all kinds of Dharma, you are bound to be felt gratified and cheated at the same time, in case your sense of empathy is strong. Though, it is important to note that these 2 feelings are just manifestation of that person's own Karma or deeds of past, and are not his Dharma. To correct the Karma, one needs to see the underlying motive and seek a way to appeal to that motive. This is also a property of one's sense of empathy. For example, if you see someone failing an exam, instead of finding out where he went wrong, try to find the motive which lead to this result. Ultimately, even laziness is something born out of one single incident happened somewhere in the childhood. Appeal to that motive, single it out, and then present the case to the person. The results will be astounding and you will have solved your purpose,

Where does this take you?
While it is totally selfish of me to write about this, it is of importance too. Ultimately we are all here for a purpose and that purpose needs to be satisfied one way or the other.
Your Karma is very basic step to solve this purpose. It makes you aware of what you can do. Being aware of the repurcussions of your Karma to your surroundings makes you aware of your impact. Both of these in tandem help you to achieve your purpose. But to enable your mind to achieve that purpose, empathy is key. Why?
For example, you know you are good at solving mathematical problems and you have an accounting job. Now you are working for a MNC which is committing frauds. You know you are good at it, but you know you are accountable too. Now its a matter of choice whether you do it or not. If everyone else is doing similar frauds, and its a norm but you cannot do it, you fail the system. But if you KNOW that your way is right, and understand why others are doing it to show them how they can correct the entire thing requires you to be empathic. This way you either beat the system or change it.

Your purpose can be as small as this, or bigger depending upon when you realize it. People end up spending entire life not realizing the purpose too. I have no authority to write about what happens to such people.

We all live one life, and in the entire gamut of things its too short. Its paramount for us to find our purpose, for the lack of it can lead to total disorientation too.
I am not telling you to be unhappy if you have not found it, but have an open outlook towards life. Be receptive!



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