Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Google makes me nervous every time it gets a headline. It doesn't mean I am pro-Microsoft, its just that I wonder if any other present brand can create such a great thing. Let us see why. I first learnt of google from a very techie friend of mine in college. We had to use Linux to access net that time, and the bandwidth was low, but google was fast even those days. Slowly searching and googling became synonymous. Google worked on its image as the fastest engine that anyone can use.

Since then whatever google has touched or entered into has turned gold. And they came as innovators. Gmail, Orkut, Google Earth, Trends, Video and what not. What struck me now is that Google is now coming in with a spreadsheet software. Believe me Excel is so much into pressure, one cannot imagine, simply because of Google's credibility in the market. Meanwhile you can go to http://spreadsheets.google.com/ to get a glimpse. Looks kinda weird after excel but does same functions.

Good thing is features like wrap text and merge are easily accessible. Plus less cluttered menu makes it easier for spreadsheet operations.

A strong negative would be web based thing. Plus sharing means inviting people, rather than unrestrictive editing by all. Apart from this they should really work in aesthetics.

All in all, worth a try and by God this also has a potential!! :)


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