Saturday, June 10, 2006


I had thought to be more aware than I was in Infy but it has hopelessly failed. So I would try to be terse here.
Reservations are here to stay. After a long battle fueled by the student power, a heart rendering saga came to a tragic end. And at what cost? A claim that all the impacted institutes will undergo a increase in seats. My take - Amazing. After all that globalization crap, welcome to India with populism at its peak.

Federer vs Nadal, and no point in bragging about Federer. His play against Nalbandian was visibly a topsy turvy. I said F word so many times I really got scared at one time. Thankfully, Nadal will be a good competition.

For some vague reasons, I used to think that sting operations were used by media to increase accountability in the crucial govt departments. Guess I was so grossly wrong, that I am in angst for the reason that it was a publicity stunt. Has it made any difference? Yes, and No. Yes, because it coincided with the Right to Information Act so clearly no one can say. So No...

E-governance is taking shape in India. And in what form? Its now reaching every small village in Vidarbha. Flipside - people implementing it simply cannot think the way a villager would. Advice - KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid!!


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